Are you struggling to pay for basic internet access?

Are you struggling to pay for basic internet access?

Date: 26/07/22

Author: Shia Mitchell

We believe access to reliable broadband empowers communities and helps to bridge the digital divide. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Age UK London, a charity campaigning for an age-friendly London, to help spread awareness on the connectivity issues affecting older Londoners.  


Why some Londoners are struggling to stay connected 

Our latest research published with Age UK London has found that nearly half (43%) of Londoners over the age of 60 have struggled to make GP appointments, pay bills or access government services because they’ve been unable to keep up with broadband and mobile data payments. Our findings have brought to light a growing issue across this age group which is widening the digital divide.  

Our research also found that 71% of over-60s agree that having internet access is essential to modern life. Sadly, 14% of those polled say they are not able to access their daily messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, which leads to them feeling isolated and lonely.  


The government response 

The UK Government has called on broadband providers to do more to help ease the burden on customers due to the cost-of-living crisis. Most networks have launched ‘social tariff’ broadband packages that require customers to prove they are on Universal Credit in order to be eligible.  

However, Age UK London has pointed out that pensioners are excluded by most providers offering social tariffs. Universal Credit is only available to those under the age of 67. Those on very low incomes are eligible to claim Pension Credit rather than Universal Credit. So many are not eligible for the social tariffs currently on the market. In fact, our findings have shown that 43% of Londoners over 60 will repeatedly run out of data before the end of each month. 


Making broadband more accessible 

In today’s current social climate, it is crucial that Londoners continue to stay connected. That’s why we’ve re-introduced our Essential 35 Mbps Fibre Broadband package [*] and increased its speed from 10 Mbps to 35 Mbps. At just £12.50 a month, it is the most affordable and accessible essential tariff on the market, enabling even more Londoners to access a reliable broadband connection.

Plus, we are currently the only broadband provider that does not ask customers to jump through hoops and prove eligibility to get the most value for their budget.

Good to know

*Prices correct as of 31 May 2024. From 1st April every year we will increase the price of our services by up to the Government published Consumer Price Index (CPI) from January of the same year plus 2.9%. Click here for more details and a worked example.