Broadband for one person

Broadband for one person

Date: 22/05/24

Author: Shia Mitchell

A guide to the best broadband for one person

In this guide, we'll explore some of the more affordable broadband options available, and provide tips to maximise your broadband experience if you live alone.

If you’re in the greater London area, we offer many excellent-value, high-performance packages that are ideal for one person — simply check your postcode for availability.

You can also check your current speed with our free tool. If it’s not up to scratch, we can offer some simple ways to switch that make sure there’s no loss of service.

Comparing the best broadband deal for a single person

The best broadband for a single person is a reliable and budget-friendly broadband plan that caters to your unique needs. We have residential packages that can suit every requirement.

You might have significant broadband requirements even if you’re the only one using it. So, let's explore some of the best broadband deals for different use cases:

150 Mbps Fibre Broadband

  • Download/upload a 100 MB video in 5.3s
  • £21/month*
  • Best for light use in small-to-medium-sized families
  • Great for a family of light internet users on a few devices at once. Including things like streaming HD TV, video and voice calling on a phone, or uploading and downloading files while browsing the web on a computer. It’s also good for families with smart home assistants.

1 Gbps Fibre Broadband

  • Download/upload a 100 MB video in 0.8s
  • £26/month*
  • Best for heavy use/larger families
  • Perfect for families who regularly upload/download large files. Like households with people who work from home and often make video calls or run web-based software. Also ideal for families who need to upload UHD content and stream to Twitch or YouTube. 

1 Gbps Premium WiFi

  • Download/upload a 100 MB video in 0.8s
  • £32/month*
  • Best for heavy use/larger families with lots of portable devices
  • Perfect for families who regularly upload/download large files from different rooms of the house. Like households with people who work from home and often make video calls or run web-based software. Also ideal for families who need to upload UHD content and stream to Twitch or YouTube. 

3 Gbps Premium WiFi

  • Download/upload a 100 MB video in 0.2s
  • £56/month*
  • Best for ultra-intensive use/very large families
  • Fantastic for a family where downloading and uploading large files, regular video calls, and gaming with low latency need to happen at the same time. Multiple games consoles, TVs, computers, and phones can perform at their peak at any time.

*Prices correct as of May 2024. From 1st April every year we will increase the price of our services by up to the Government published Consumer Price Index (CPI) from January of the same year plus 2.9%. Click here for more details and a worked example.

These plans could be ideal for one person, but the right one depends on your situation. Each is great value for money as our network delivers the best experience at the best price.

One person or not, Community Fibre stands out from other providers with fast, reliable, and affordable connections in London. See how we compare to other UK providers.

Why cheap broadband is not necessarily best for one person

A single person using the internet on their own may focus on price when choosing a broadband package. However, cheap doesn’t always mean value for money.

Simply choosing the cheapest provider can bring the following drawbacks:

  • Slower download or upload speeds

  • Less reliable connections, downtime, and inferior hardware for power users

  • Lack of money-saving extras, like TV or calls

It may be acceptable to pick a cheap option, but always assess your needs and the performance of your provider before signing up. Check out some unbiased reviews too.

With an award-winning service paired with unbeatable prices and the fastest speeds, we can offer London’s best quality broadband — whether you’re on our lowest-cost package or not.

Tips for a better broadband experience for one person

If you’re not in London, or you’re unhappy with your current provider as a single person, you can try the following tips for maximising your broadband performance:

  • Consider Mesh WiFi systems to eliminate dead spots. Learn more about Mesh WiFi.

  • Think about scheduling large downloads during off-peak hours for faster speeds.

  • If you experience slow, unreliable broadband, contact your provider.

  • Limit your background downloads and updates to avoid bandwidth congestion.

  • Optimise your existing WiFi setup by placing the router in a central location.

  • Regularly run speed tests to ensure you're getting the bandwidth you're paying for.

Switching to more affordable broadband for one person

The best broadband package for one person depends on your needs and budget. To choose, explore the options available in your area and do the following:

  • Compare prices

  • Consider your internet habits and speed requirements

  • Balance value for money vs. cost

By doing so you can make an informed decision. We offer easy switching, so you can run our service alongside your existing one to avoid loss of service — for minimal disruption.

If you’re a single-person household, check your postcode to see if Community Fibre’s broadband is available in your area. You can also see our latest deals for great prices.

FAQs about broadband for one person

Are there any hidden fees with Community Fibre’s broadband packages?

Our packages have no hidden fees. You pay a standard £14.95 set up fee for each package and then just your monthly payments — and that’s it. If you change or adjust your package, such as by getting extra hardware or services like Premium WiFi and Mesh WiFi systems, there may be additional charges.

Can I upgrade my broadband package later if I need more speed?

Yes, of course! If you get a housemate, a partner, or your internet requirements significantly increase, you can always upgrade your Community Fibre package if your needs change.

Can I get a discount on the internet if I'm on benefits?

Some internet service providers offer discounts on broadband plans for eligible customers on benefits. For example, our Essential 35 Mbps Fibre Broadband is available for just £12.50/month for 12 months with a £14.95 set up fee, and then just £4 extra when you are out of contract. 

Check with individual providers to see their available discounts. You can also view our deals to see the latest on our money-saving packages.

Can I get the internet without a contract?

In some cases, yes. Certain providers offer broadband without a fixed-term contract on a rolling monthly basis.

Do I need to pay for a router with Community Fibre broadband packages?

We include a router as part of your subscription, but there may be an installation fee if you don’t have any existing fibre connection in place.

How can I check the availability of Community Fibre in my area?

Simply enter your postcode in our postcode checker. Our award-winning service is available across the greater London area, Surrey, and Sussex.