Best gaming setup for your PC

Best gaming setup for your PC

Date: 28/05/24

Author: Shia Mitchell

How to build the best gaming setup: beginner edition

Creating your own gaming setup can be a lot of fun. You can make your space unique to your personality, and even incorporate pieces from your favourite games to build a truly immersive experience when you play. 

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to create your setup, it depends on your taste, budget, and imagination. 

Our guide includes some essentials and fun extras to inspire you on the journey to your dream gaming area. We focus on PC gaming rather than console gaming, but you can certainly take inspiration if you prefer to play on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox.

Things to include in your setup on any budget 

Before you get started on your wishlist, it’s a good idea to make a budget to help prioritise where you can afford to spend a little more and where to cut back. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve on a smaller budget, with a lot of creativity.

Fast and reliable internet

There are a lot of guides out there about how to set yourself up for gaming, but very rarely do they mention broadband — an absolute must-have. How else will you download games from Steam, or take part in online multiplayer gaming sessions?

Broadband for gaming needs to be lightning fast and just as reliable as the skills of your gaming friends to keep up. Full fibre broadband is up to the challenge of keeping you connected and glitch-free during the most intense parts of your games.

Community Fibre’s 1 Gbps package delivers speeds of 920 Mbps over a wired connection and up to 650 Mbps over WiFi. Plus, we offer the same download and upload speeds – why compromise on either?

Glitch-free, high-precision gaming needs great download and upload speeds, which is why we offer the fastest wired speeds of any London network — so you don’t have to settle for low latency gaming.

A PC or gaming laptop

The ultimate essential is a PC or laptop. This is where a majority of your budget will be spent, so take your time to find the best option for you. Whether you choose a laptop or PC will depend on your specific needs for gaming and regular life. 

In terms of tech specs, you need to make sure the device is up to the challenge of running your favourite games. Gaming requires:

  • A top-of-the-line processor

  • RAM capable of fast processing

  • Generous hard drive capacity, to hold large games

  • Good quality displays (if you choose a laptop)

Laptops provide you with the ability to click, type, and see everything in one convenient package, and have the added benefit of portability. If you also need to use a laptop for school or work, then it could be more convenient and cost-effective. 

When you’re at home, you can also plug your laptop into a larger setup for a fully immersive experience.

A basic laptop may not be able to keep up with the demands of fast-paced games, such as Resident Evil Village or Halo Infinite. At the higher end of the range, Lenovo Legion gaming laptops use innovative technology and the latest hardware to ensure maximum performance in every game. ASUS laptops are a more budget-friendly option that can support games such as Modern Warfare 3.

If portability isn’t a priority for you, desktop PCs pack a more powerful punch in a larger package. However, you’ll need to get a mouse, keyboard, and at least one monitor to complete your desktop setup. 

Acer Predator gaming PCs are all-rounders, with the best processors and memory components, and are a stylish addition to any setup. 

On the more affordable side of things, AWD-IT gaming PCs balance performance and value to deliver quality performance for under £1,000.

Some people even build their own PCs for a fully customised setup! If you’re a beginner, this likely isn’t something you’re ready to do — but it’s worth considering if you want an upgrade in the future.

Monitor (or multiple monitors!)

Another big ticket item is a gaming monitor. There’s no need to squint at tiny graphics on one tiny screen. Get the best view and see all the details with a monitor or two. 

You’ll need to consider the available space on your desk to decide if you want several monitors with medium screen size, or one large one.

When searching for your monitor, you’ll see a lot of product features. Let’s keep it simple by focusing on the main specs to consider:

  • Shape - Curved monitors are popular with gamers, and the ultra-wide view wraps around to seriously pull you into the game. Using two flat monitors at an angle side-by-side can provide a similar effect.

  • Quality - Aim for a high resolution to get the most lifelike visuals, such as FHD (1920p x 1080p) or 4k quality (3840p x 2160p).

  • Colour - The higher the colour depth and contrast ratio, the more shades and details you’ll be able to see for accurate visuals.

  • Response time and refresh rate - These two elements combined are how long it takes for your screen to change colour and refresh the image. Higher rates will prevent blurry images and help keep everything crystal-clear.

For the lower end of the budget, AOC gaming monitors pack high-performance specs into reliable screens. 

If lifelike visuals are a must-have, Dell’s Alienware gaming monitors are designed for first-class motion clarity while protecting your eyes during long gaming sessions.

Headsets, headphones or a sound system

Now we’ve covered the essentials, let’s look at some of the additional items that can enhance your experience, such as headphones. 

Clear sound will immerse you even further into your gameplay — wired earphones that came free with a phone probably won’t offer the best quality. Most games use spatial audio when users wear headphones to deliver sound from every angle.

Wearing earphones or headphones will help you to sense what is going on behind you without turning around, and truly feel as though you’re right there in the game. 

A reliable sound system also helps connect you with friends. Opt for a headset or headphones with a microphone to chat with others during online gaming sessions and discuss strategies in real time.

Mouse and keyboard or controller

For long gaming sessions, make sure your wrists are supported with a comfortable mouse and keyboard. 

Keep your wrists and hands supported during gaming sessions. While a standard mouse will get the job done, an ergonomic mouse hugs the curves of your hands and helps reduce strain on your wrists. Reduce unnecessary tension on your upper arms and shoulders with a wrist rest, an inexpensive item that levels up your comfort as you play. 

Stay competitive with a high-performance gaming keyboard. You can often find keyboards in fun colours, or wide-shaped models to put important keys in front of you and reduce finger strain. 

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, connect a handheld controller to your PC for more flexibility in movement. 

Spacious desk

Make sure you have enough room for your setup with a spacious desk. A corner or L-shaped desk is ideal to get a fuller view, even in small spaces.

When looking for the perfect gaming desk, check weight limits to ensure it will be able to hold all your equipment. You’ll also need to make sure it’s the right height for you to comfortably reach everything without unnecessary strain. 

Think about everything you need to fit on your desktop, as well as any fun extras you want in your eyeline — plus space for drinks and snacks. Simple adjustments, such as monitor stands, add height dimensions and could free up on-desk space too.

Comfy chair

It’s easy to get carried away during an intense game. Before you know it, you’ve been hunched over for hours and your back aches when you stand up. Ensure your posture is well cared for with a comfortable and supportive chair. 

A standard desk chair can be enhanced with back supports and cushions, but if you know you’re likely to be seated for long periods, shop around for a specific gaming chair with ergonomic and lumbar support. 

Gaming chairs can be very affordable, with many models available for under £100. If you favour racing games, you might want to consider a specific racing-style chair to make the simulation feel even more realistic.

Extra storage

Investing in an external hard drive or SSD can help free up space on your main computer. You’ll be surprised how quickly large games can use up the storage built into your PC or laptop. You might not need this when you’re only playing one game, but it’s a solid investment for when you branch out.

Prices for SSDs vary depending on the storage capacity you go for — 1TB should be the minimum size. If you’re not particularly brand loyal, you can easily find a reliable 1TB SSD for under £50.

Mood lighting

Enhance your gaming experience even further with colour-changing LED light strips to put under your desk or around the room. You can choose a colour to transform your space for every game type.

Some games, such as Mass Effect™: Andromeda even have built-in RGB keyboard profiles that will automatically change the lights on your keyboard as you do different tasks.

The best speeds for fast gaming

Gamers will love Community Fibre’s fast and reliable full fibre broadband. High jitter and latency are a thing of the past with our symmetrical upload and download speeds, so you can play the latest games glitch-free. 

We deliver the highest speeds in London over WiFi with our 1 Gbps and 3 Gbps Premium WiFi service, which uses mesh technology to guarantee connections throughout your home.

Check your postcode today to see availability in your area, and experience gaming faster than ever before.