Best internet speed for VR gaming

Best internet speed for VR gaming

Date: 04/06/24

Author: Shia Mitchell

Does Virtual Reality (VR) need the internet, and what’s the best internet speed for VR gaming?

Ever dream of teleporting to a different world, battling mythical creatures, or exploring alien landscapes? If so, virtual reality (VR) gaming may be just the thing!

But before you buy a VR gaming system and jump into this new realm, there's a couple of questions to address: does VR need internet, and what's the best internet speed for VR gaming?

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Do you need the internet for VR? The essentials for VR gaming

While virtual reality (VR) gaming has the power to transport us to new worlds, it's not a one-way ticket — it relies on a high-speed internet connection to deliver its full potential.

Let's break down why a fast internet speed is important for your VR gaming experience:

Fast response and low latency

Lightning-fast internet speeds and ultra-low latency are vital for VR gaming. They ensure that the VR world responds instantaneously to your every movement, avoiding motion sickness that can result from slower connections.

High-quality graphics

VR headsets promise stunning visuals, but these lifelike graphics demand substantial bandwidth to render in real time. To do this, you’ll need some cutting-edge hardware.

Your VR gaming setup requires high-quality routers, even for offline play, that have compatibility with the latest WiFi standards to maintain those awe-inspiring visuals.

Content streaming

Many VR games rely on cloud-based streaming to serve up their content. To enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, you need a stable connection and fast speeds to transmit large data — especially when streaming stunning 4K resolution.

Updates and downloads

VR games and applications often come with sizable files that require frequent updates. 

To avoid frustrating interruptions, your VR gaming setup needs a stable connection for uncorrupted file downloads, making high-speed internet a crucial tool in ensuring you can jump back into your VR adventures as you wish.

Myths about internet speed and VR gaming

Fast, reliable internet isn't essential — but it’s not just a luxury in the world of VR gaming; it's the magic that transforms VR from good fun into a breathtaking experience. 

But it’s about more than just speed, see below for explanations of a few common myths:

VR gaming doesn't always need Gbps speed

Myth: VR gaming always demands Gbps speeds.

Reality: While high-speed internet is ideal for VR gaming, not every VR experience requires gigabit speeds. Many VR games can run smoothly with a stable connection and consistent download speed. The key is to ensure your internet connection is reliable and that the speed meets the VR game's minimum requirements.

You can play offline

Myth: All VR games require an internet connection.

Reality: This isn't true. Some standalone VR games can be enjoyed offline, but there's still a problem. Even in offline scenarios, you'll often need a VR headset that communicates with a router for tracking and updates. However, multiplayer VR experiences and games relying on cloud-based streaming still demand a robust connection for a seamless and immersive experience.

Understanding these nuances is helpful when choosing your VR gaming setup and finding the right internet speed for your desired level of immersion.

The role of full fibre broadband for VR gaming

Full fibre broadband has emerged as a game-changer in the VR gaming landscape, offering several crucial advantages that enhance your overall gaming experience:

  • Super-fast speeds: Fibre-optic cables transmit data at the speed of light, meeting the demanding requirements of VR gaming, ensuring you can enjoy VR without the frustrating lags.

  • Low latency: Full fibre broadband ensures low latency, minimising motion sickness and enhancing your VR experience by providing real-time responsiveness.

  • Reliability: Full fibre networks are known for their reliability and stability. This is critical for uninterrupted VR gameplay, ensuring you stay fully immersed in your virtual world.

  • Future-proofing: As VR technology evolves, full fibre broadband offers the necessary bandwidth for even more immersive and advanced experiences, making it the perfect choice for forward-looking gamers.

We understand these factors, which is why we offer broadband packages with varying speeds that you can upgrade to meet your VR gaming needs. 

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How to ensure you get the best broadband for VR gaming

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