It’s “Time to Talk” about the digital divide

It’s “Time to Talk” about the digital divide

Date: 02/02/23

Author: Anthony Harrison

With Time to Talk day upon us (February 2nd, 2023), it has reminded us how important it is to stay connected with loved ones and continue to shed a light on one of modern society’s growing social battles: digital inclusivity. As many of us know, isolation is a key driver of depression and can affect all age, social and ethnic age groups equally.  

We agree it is time to talk. 

So, grab a brew and join us in exploring how the digital divide could possibly be affecting the mental health of people in your community and what you can do to feel more digitally empowered and help others along the way. 

What is digital inclusion?  

Digital inclusion is a social issue. It’s about making sure that information and communication technologies can be accessed by everyone, regardless of their social or economic background.  

Effects of the digital divide 

For many of us, the term digital divide has little relevance in our everyday lives. But for others, this issue massively impacts their ability to socialise, learn, interact and grow as individuals in modern times. 

As such, the digital divide refers to the gap in society between those who have full access to digital technology (like the internet or a device) and those who are unable to access such benefits. You can find out more about the effect of digital inclusion here. 


How COVID increased the digital divide 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns surrounding the digital divide became more pressing. Access to the internet and devices played an increasing role in accessing services, continuing educational services, keeping up to date with news, booking medical appointments and above all, staying in touch with friends and family throughout the months in lockdown.  

Now, it may seem as though much of the world has returned to normal, but the pandemic highlighted something else: People who are already at a greater disadvantage (due to their age, education, income, lack of time and resources, etc.) are most affected by the digital divide.  

A lack of digital access, resources and skills can have hugely negative implications on our lives, leading to increased social exclusion, loneliness, isolation, depression, poorer health outcomes and a lower life expectancy. 


Bridging the digital divide 

A lack of digital awareness by those who have easy access to technology only furthers the social inequality gap, and as the world continues to venture deeper into the digital age, it is vital that we all strive to ensure that no one is left behind. 

The GoodThingsFoundation is a key player in working towards bridging the digital divide across our nation. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to keep pushing for social change. Together, we work to provide:   

  • Free 1,000 Mbps (1 gig) 100% full fibre broadband connections to community spaces within our network. 

  • A free Digital Ambassadors Programme which enables residents to become qualified Digital Ambassadors for free, so they can help give back to their communities with hands-on digital training and advice. 

  • The annual national ‘Get Online Week’ campaign to raise awareness of the digital divide.  


How Community Fibre can help to bridge the digital divide 


Be speed aware 

We believe that “the new normal” when it comes to digital inclusion is still not up to par, with many still struggling to gain basic access to the Internet through a reliable connection. To add insult to disbelief, many Brits are paying an extortionate amount for advertised speeds they will likely never be able to achieve. 

Use our speed explained page to test what speeds you are actually getting and understand what speeds would suit your household needs. 


Don’t disregard social tariffs 

With the cost of living soaring ever higher, we continue to look for more ways to provide better broadband to more Londoners. That’s why we offer a social-minded tariff that helps you tackle those everyday online tasks with a reliable, affordable and future-proof 100% full fibre connection.  

Enjoy symmetrical speeds of 20 Mbps, no line rental required, no ‘sky-high’ out-of-contract price hikes and a free high-quality router - all for only £12.50/month. 


Get more broadband for your buck 

Did you know that one in five Brits don’t know their actual broadband speeds? With the average UK household download and upload speeds at 59.4 Mbps and 10.7 Mbps respectively (Source: Ofcom - UK Home Broadband Performance for March 2022 - published October 2022), It’s no wonder many are making the switch to more reliable and affordable broadband providers. 

One such provider is Community Fibre. Our fastest package offers 3,000 Mbps and is London’s fastest available residential broadband speed. To put that into perspective, that’s up to 50x faster than the average download and 280x faster than the average upload speeds mentioned above. 

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Opt for honest and hassle-free switching 

We don’t believe in tying people to an extortionate contract that feels inescapable. If you find that you're not getting the speeds you should be with your current provider or the prices aren’t matching your budget, take a look at our range of competitive packages and check your postcode to see if we are available in your area. 

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Better broadband for everyone

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