Meet our Digital Ambassadors: Peter Gribble

Meet our Digital Ambassadors: Peter Gribble

Date: 16/03/22

Author: Shia Mitchell

We caught up with our Digital Ambassador Peter, who is working within his community to help reduce the digital divide.   

How did you hear about being a Digital Ambassador? 

I first heard of Community Fibre’s Digital Ambassador Programme via an advert in the Westminster Reporter, a resident newspaper for Westminster residents.    

Why did you become a Digital Ambassador? 

I found the Digital Ambassador Programme very interesting and thought that this is something I could be a part of. Most importantly, I felt I could be helpful to my local community.   

What have you learnt as a Digital Ambassador? 

During my time as a Community Fibre Digital Ambassador, I have learnt to apply different teaching methods to suit individual requests. As part of my training and onboarding to become a Digital Ambassador, I completed the mandatory Learn My Training programme which gave me a range of digital skills to ensure that I could support the community to the best of my ability.  

Tell me about your learners. What have you been teaching them? 

Each of our learners comes in with different requests, so each session is never the same. But I would say the main teaching points have been around using devices, turning devices on, resetting online portal/account passwords, setting up email addresses, browsing the internet and keeping in contact with family and friends via apps such as WhatsApp.  

What’s been the highlight of your Digital Ambassador experience so far? 

I helped a gentleman out at the Charing Cross Library in 2021. He needed to print an original print postcard (from France, 1820s) in full colour but wasn’t sure how to go about completing this. We were able to use the library’s resources to print the postcards, and at the time the gentleman was not aware he could do so. 

What would you say to other people who are interested in becoming a Digital Ambassador? 

Go ahead, do it - especially if you’ve got the time. It’s interesting and you’re helping out those who need our support.   

If you’re interested in becoming a Digital Ambassador in London, you can learn more on our Community Investment page, or register your interest by emailing [email protected].