Call plan features

No line rental
Keep your number
One bill

Broadband & Calls options

Our Home Phone service is just as easy to use as a normal landline, only cheaper and no line rental.

Simply choose the broadband package that suits you, then add-on a call plan to create your very own broadband and calls bundle.

Loads of advantages

Community Fibre Calls offer incredible value with loads of other advantages, like free call features that most phone companies charge for - all for £10/month.

  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles 
  • Receive international and UK calls
  • Keep your handset and phone number for free (number porting takes 12 days)​
  • Voicemail - with forward to email notifications​
  • Last call, call waiting, call forwarding and call barring​
  • Dedicated app - make free WiFi calls to all UK landlines and mobiles (even when abroad)

Your call plan does not include international or premium-rate numbers (numbers starting with 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873, 09). Want to keep your current phone number? No problem, just fill out the form provided after checkout, and we’ll transfer your current phone number. Phone porting take 12 working days from the date of your Calls service installation. When porting is complete, we’ll contact you via email. We advise you not to cancel with your current provider before we have notified you; otherwise, you will lose your original number. You can use your Calls service for calls to all UK landline and mobile numbers, all UK Emergency Services and UK Freephone numbers. Please note that your Calls service depends on a working broadband connection and will not work in the event of a power or network outage - another method, such as a mobile phone, must be used in an emergency.

How it works

The technology​

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables your full fibre broadband to carry voice calls. We provide a phone adapter which converts home phone signals into signals your router can understand.​


Unlimited calls​

Our fibre optic network connects your home directly to the internet, avoiding the need for expensive, copper wire phone lines and infrastructure. That means you don’t need a landline, and we pass those savings on to you to make unlimited calls - no surprise bundle charges!​


In case of emergency​

Our Home Phone relies on the Broadband service working and also having electricity to power the phone adaptor. If there's a failure in either the Broadband service or a power cut, your Home Phone will NOT work. You must always have another means of calling such as a mobile phone for contacting the Emergency Services in these circumstances.

FREE mobile app. Make calls when you’re away from home!

  • Use your unlimited minutes to UK mobiles and Landlines even when you’re not at home​
  • Never miss a call when you’re outside of your home from the UK or friends and family overseas
  • Call from abroad or anywhere in the UK from your mobile phone app for FREE as if you were calling from your home phone​
  • You can call all UK landlines and mobiles via WiFi without any additional charges​
  • You can use the app to make calls back to the UK when on holiday​

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Want cheap calls?

Add-on a call plan for just £10/month


Yes, you can. Please let us know the phone number you wish to keep and your current provider when placing your order and we'll sort out the rest but it is important to understand the correct process for the number Porting process.


See process explanation below:


Can you cancel my existing phone line provider?​


Unfortunately, we can't cancel your existing phone line provider, but please do not do anything until your Community Fibre Home Phone is successfully installed. If you want to keep your original phone number by porting the number to Community Fibre then you must let us know if you want to keep the number, what it is and the name of the current provider when you order the service from us. Then you must allow at least 12 days after the successful installation of our service for the number porting process to complete. We will notify you by email when this has been successfully completed and only after this can you cancel your existing service otherwise the original number will be lost.


How long does the number porting process take?​


The number porting process to transfer your existing number to your Community Fibre Home Phone takes at least 12 days to complete from when we have installed the service (NOT 12 days from placing a sales order with CFL). You will be able to use your CF Home Phone with a temporary number that we will provide at the time of the installation before your original number is ported. We'll let you know by email once it has been sorted for you. Please ensure you do not cancel your  existing phone line from your current telephony provider until we notify you that your number has been ported successfully otherwise your original number will be lost.

The Community Fibre home phone service is a modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service delivered over our 100% full-fibre network. In other words, you use the internet to make and receive phone calls.

As such, you do not use, or pay for, a traditional phone line based on the old traditional copper network. This enables us to both cut the cost to you whilst providing an excellent voice quality.

In the event of a power cut or a broadband failure you need to have an alternative such as a mobile phone to call the emergency services, as your Home Phone will not work.

If you are a new Community Fibre customer, we will install both the home phone and broadband service at the same time.

The set-up will look like the image below with everything connected and ready to go by the time the engineer leaves your property.

Unfortunately, international calls or premium rate numbers starting with 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873, 09 are not included in your phone package.

Yes, there is! You can download the app for iOS and for Android here:

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below:

To login, please use the following credentials:


    • HOST/ID – CFL
    • Login – CFL Account Number (A-xxxxxxxxx) - this is included in your welcome email
    • Password – you will have received an email to create your password 


It is linked to your call plan so any calls made from your home phone or app are included in the monthly fee.

When your home phone number is called it can also be set-up to ring on the mobile app, so you will never miss a call. You can even make calls from your mobile from wherever you are in the world to UK landline and mobiles, as long as you have WiFi or mobile data coverage.

Plus, you can make and receive calls on your mobile over WiFi when there is no mobile coverage, which can eliminate roaming charges.

Yes, all the features you had previously are also available with our home phone service. Unlike other telephony providers, we have designed our service to use the same buttons on your handset as BT for ease of use. Plus, all of these services are now free!




Voice Mail


Voicemail plus ability to restore deleted messages

Voicemail to email


Email notification of messages left with attached WAV recording

Caller ID Presentation


Caller ID presented

Announce last caller


Announces the number of the last inbound call, with time and date, and enables you to call back the number

Withhold Caller ID


Withhold caller ID by pressing 141 before entering the dialled number

Call Waiting

Activated by *50

Deactivated by *51

Beep on line to advise another call waiting

Call Forward – all calls

Activated by *21*

Deactivated by #21#

Activated by *21* from the handset.

Deactivated by #21# from the handset

Call Forward – no answer

Activated by *61*

Deactivated by #61#

Activated by *61* from the handset

Deactivated by #61# from the handset

Call Forward - on busy

Activated by *67*

Deactivated by #67#

Activated by *67*  from the handset

Deactivated by #67# from the handset

Call Barring all calls - DND

Activated by *261#

Deactivated by #261#

Once activated inbound calls go to voicemail

Call Barring anonymous calls

Activated by *227#

Deactivated by #227#

Once activated inbound calls with no/withheld caller ID do not connect

No, you can use your existing handset. The Community Fibre home phone service uses a phone adapter box (as shown below) that plugs into your router and then to your existing handset.

However, if you don’t already use a handset then you will need to purchase one.

If you are an existing Community Fibre customer and wish to sign up for our call plan, you will be required to renew your existing broadband contract.

Please call 0808 196 6262 and our Telesales team will be happy to assist you. Lines are open between 9am-8pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturdays.