Guinness World Record holder raps the History of the Internet in 60 seconds

Guinness World Record holder raps the History of the Internet in 60 seconds

Date: 25/01/24

Author: J Speers

  • As UK internet users are set to increase to 63 million people in the next 5 years, new research reveals how critical the internet has become - with three in five (62%) Brits admitting they wouldn’t be able to survive without it
  • With people more connected to the internet than ever, record-breaking rap legend, Harry Shotta, today releases his latest track that summarises the internet in 60 seconds
  • In collaboration with London’s fastest fibre broadband provider, Shotta’s track echoes the speed of today’s internet, with Community Fibre offering speeds up to 10 Gbps


With predictions that internet usage is set to increase to 63 million Brits online in the next 5 years, the UK’s fastest record-breaking rapper has today released a brand-new track that packs the history of the internet into a lightning-fast, 60 second rap.


The track comes following new research from London’s best quality broadband, Community Fibre, revealing just how critical the internet has become - with three in five (62%) Brits admitting they wouldn’t be able to survive without the internet.


To help the UK appreciate just how far the internet has come, Community Fibre - the experts in super-fast fibre broadband speeds - has recruited Harry Shotta, the legendary rapper heralded for his fast rhymes, to give a ‘history lesson’ on the internet.


Known for breaking the Guinness World Record for the number of words in a track, previously held by Eminem, Shotta’s new track captures the history of the internet and key moments since its inception, with nods to the good old days of MSN, as well as to current day TikTok trends.


As inspiration for the track, the research reveals the generational divide when it comes to digital literacy, with this attitude gap across age groups in the UK now bigger than ever. Uncovering Gen Z’s unfamiliarity with some of the technology once synonymous with the internet age, the research found only one in five Gen Zs have used a dial up modem, and just over a third (35%) have used a floppy disc. Old school social media is also unknown to Gen Z, with only 16% having used Bebo, and only a quarter admitting to having used MySpace - compared to nearly half (48%) of Millennials.


But while the types of digital technologies and social platforms have evolved over the internet age, the generational divide is less prevalent when it comes to internet usage in general, with the internet now a key part of life for older generations too.


Looking at speeds, the internet is now so fast paced that expectations are higher than ever. In fact, for Gen X, some of whom have had the internet for less than half their lives, admit they dislike waiting more than a few seconds for something to buffer online (66%). Surprisingly, they out rank Gen Z (56%) and Millennials (54%), with the younger generations found to be slightly more patient with load times.


Discussing his creation of the track, Harry Shotta, said: “There’s no doubt the internet has come an impressively long way in what really is a short amount of time. From all the things we all now use it for, to how fast it has become, I think we all have moments where we take it for granted.


“Covering the broad history of the internet in just 60 seconds wasn’t a small feat but doing it with Community Fibre has been a blast. As someone who gets a kick out of a speed challenge and trying to get in as many words as possible, it made sense to join forces with London’s fastest fibre broadband provider to create something fun.”


With an insight into the evolution of the internet, the research found that the majority of Boomers (71%) and Gen X (75%) first used the internet via a dial modem through a desktop computer. Meanwhile, the experience for digital natives has long been on the go, with two in five (40%) Gen Zs first logging in online via the WiFi on their smartphone.


Graeme Oxby, Chief Executive Officer of Community Fibre, commented: “As our new research shows, there’s no question that the internet is a critical part of our everyday lives. As a nation, we’re dependent on the internet for everything from communication with friends and family (88%), to online shopping (50%), to life’s personal and business admin tasks (46%).”


He continued: “If there’s one thing we know at Community Fibre, it’s the internet, and we love that this track taps into some of the habits we all share, and in some ways, helps us appreciate our connection that little bit more. Our ambition has long been to offer everyone fast, affordable, quality broadband and we’re proud to provide the city’s fastest fibre broadband connection to 1.3 million homes in London.” 


To listen to the track and find out more information about Community Fibre in your area, please visit


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Source: Survey by OnePoll of 2,000 respondents who use the internet. The survey took place between 20th and 25th October 2023

Source: Fastest consumer broadband speeds independently verified by FDM on behalf of Community Fibre 30th November 2023. Community Fibre 3 Gbps Fibre Broadband package offers average download speeds of 3000 Mbps. All other providers listed offer the maximum download speed of 1,600 Mbps or less: Virgin Media, Openreach, Hyperoptic, G Network, 4th Utility, FibreNest, Hey Broadband, Gigaclear, OFNL, Pure Fibre & Switch Fibre.



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