You can refer anyone who doesn’t have broadband with us. When you refer a friend, they need to take out a new broadband account by buying an eligible plan online.

No, you can refer as many friends to Community Fibre as you like.

Unfortunately not at this point in time. You must be an existing Community Fibre customer to refer a friend. 

Your friend needs to make sure that they register for our refer a friend offer by following your unique sharing link. Once they’ve done this, they need to buy a broadband plan online.

It’s also important that the email address they register with is the same email they use when they set up their broadband account with us.

  • Your friend must use a valid referral link when purchasing your broadband with or without TV/Phone services. 
  • The offer is only applicable for purchases online.
  • You and your friend must be outside of their cooling-off cancellation period usually 14 days from the service start date and must still be with Community Fibre.
  • You and your friend must have paid at least one full bill excluding any free periods since you joined.
  • Your friend must have been successfully installed and activated.
  • You will receive your £100 Amazon voucher 60 days after both your installations are complete via email.
  • Your friend will also receive their £100 Amazon voucher 60 days after both your installations are complete via email. 

T&Cs apply, click here for more information.

Once your friend has bought a broadband plan with us, we’ll need to do some checks before you both get rewarded. If you haven’t received your rewards you should check that you’ve both met the terms of the promotion:

  • Did your friend follow your link and register for the refer a friend offer?
  • Has your friend been installed and activated?
  • Is your friend outside of their cancellation period?
  • Have they paid one bill?

If you believe both you’ve both met all the terms of the offer but you still haven't received your rewards, please contact our Customer Service team by clicking here

Full Terms & Conditions can be found here