What is full fibre broadband?

A full fibre broadband connection goes all the way into your home for the fastest and most reliable connection you can get using only fibre optic cables (that’s what we call Fibre-To-The-Home).  
We build and operate our dedicated 100% full fibre network with the most advanced technology available, so you won’t find any old or slow copper technology here.

Why is full fibre the best?

Internet use has evolved over the years. Mobiles, laptops, tablets, security systems, video doorbells and many more devices now depend on a fast and stable broadband connection. Unfortunately, copper and standard fibre connections simply aren’t built for such high capacity and often slow down your speed during peak hours to counter this.
Our 100% full fibre broadband can deliver the same incredible download and upload speeds without slowdown during peak hours. Our higher speed packages also offer increased bandwidth which allows even more data to be transmitted at the same time. 
So, you’ll not only experience better WiFi performance and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, but you’ll also be able to connect more devices without sacrificing connection quality. 

Ethernet vs WiFi speeds

Our advertised speeds are for a single wired (Ethernet) connection plugged into your router. When deciding which broadband speed is best for your business, keep in mind that:

  • Using an Ethernet cable to connect your devices to the router will give you the fastest broadband speeds possible.
  • WiFi generally offers slower speeds compared to a wired connection, especially as the speed package increases.
  • The broadband bandwidth delivered is shared across all the devices connected to the service (be that over a wired Ethernet or WiFi connection).
  • The more devices connected, the more that bandwidth is shared between them, and therefore, the slower the speeds become.
  • More bandwidth speed allows more data to be transmitted to and from your devices at the same time, resulting in quicker speeds.
  • Your WiFi connection may be affected by interference from other devices and the position of your router resulting in slower speeds.

Mesh WiFi for seamless coverage

Many providers offer WiFi extenders to boost poor WiFi signals. Unfortunately, these devices then chew up bandwidth and therefore speed. Our Linksys Mesh Velop WiFi routers interlink with one another for superior WiFi performance. Unlike cheaper routers that tend to be more susceptible to interference, ours automatically select and transmit on two or three frequencies to maximise coverage and speed.   

You’ll still have one network, one password and your devices seamlessly switch between each router as you move from room to room. Plus, you can control your WiFi from the comfort of your phone with the Linksys app. So, sit back, link up and enjoy reliable coverage, flawless connections and optimised speeds without the hassle. 

How fast is our broadband?

Our 100% full fibre opens up a world of possibilities for the modern household. Go faster than ever before with exceptional bandwidth and speeds up to 3,000 Mbps. To put that into perspective, that’s 59x faster than the UK average download speed and 306x faster than the UK average upload speed on a wired Ethernet connection.* 
Save time and stress as you perform your daily internet tasks. Your whole household can upload to social media, download from the web and stream their favourite flicks far quicker than with a standard copper or regular fibre connection. 

*UK average download and upload speeds are 50.4 Mbps and 9.8 Mbps, respectively.  Source: Ofcom March 2021, average download speed based on the median average.

Which speed is best for me?

Depending on your household’s needs, we offer five different speeds. You’ll benefit from our faster plans if you have a larger household with many devices connected to the internet.

Let’s dig into our WiFi package speeds in a little more detail.

75 Mbps (wired) 75 Mbps (WiFi)

75 Mbps (wired) 75 Mbps (WiFi)

Ideal for internet users on a few devices, typically for streaming HD TV and browsing.
Not sure what speed you need?

Use our quick tool to find your perfect package

Future-proof your home with WiFi 6

Our 3,000 Mbps package is extremely fast. It comes with a next-generation WiFi 6 enabled Zyxel router, one of the best on the market, offering unrivalled speed and unmatched WiFi security for the ultimate wireless experience even in the most demanding environments.  
The latest dual-band wireless WiFi 6 technology (802.11ax) optimises bandwidth utilisation to increase network capacity and the number of connections you can have at the same time. This allows more users to enjoy superior connectivity with extremely low latency. Perfect for gaming precision, high-definition streaming, and video conferencing while working and studying from home. 
We recommend testing your speed using our speed test below to ensure you can make the most of all WiFi 6 has to offer. Learn more about 3,000 Mbps full fibre broadband and WiFi 6 capabilities below. 

Put your current speed to the test

We know you're curious - see how your current broadband compares to what we offer in just a few clicks using our internet speed test:


75 Mbps (wired) 75 Mbps (WiFi)
1.4x faster than the UK average download speed & 7x faster than the UK average upload speed on a wired Ethernet connection.
200 Mbps (wired) 200 Mbps (WiFi)
3.9x faster than the UK average download speed & 20x faster than the UK average upload speed on a wired Ethernet connection.
500 Mbps (wired) 250 - 450 Mbps (WiFi)
9.9x faster than the UK average download speed & 51x faster than the UK average upload speed on a wired Ethernet connection.
1,000 Mbps - avg. 920 Mbps (wired) 250-450 Mbps (WiFi)
19x faster than the UK average download speed & 102x faster than the UK average upload speed on a wired Ethernet connection. It has double the bandwidth of our 500 Mbps speed.
3,000 Mbps (wired ) 400 - 650 Mbps (WiFi)
59x faster than the UK average download speed & 306x faster than the UK average upload speed on a wired Ethernet connection. It has more available bandwidth than any of our other speeds.

(UK average fixed download and upload speeds are 50.4 Mbps and 9.8 Mbps, respectively. 
Source: Ofcom 2021, average download speed based on median average).

All devices. We recommend using wired connections whenever possible, especially when downloading large files and gaming. Connect stationary devices, such as games consoles, TVs and computers, to the router. If you need to increase your routers’ number of Ethernet ports, plug an Ethernet switch into one of the existing ports available. Netgear and TP-Link have a wide range of Ethernet switches for sale.
Alternately, a WiFi connection offers greater convenience, allowing you to freely move around your home as you access the internet. However, a WiFi connection is always slower than an Ethernet connection.

Never. Unlike many other broadband providers, our custom-built network has so much capacity that we never need to restrict our customers’ speeds, even at peak times.

We offer either a Dual-Band or Tri-band router with all our packages. A Dual-Band router will automatically select and transmit on two frequencies. The 2.4 GHz channel gives broader coverage with slightly lower speeds than the 5 GHz frequency, which doesn’t travel as far through walls etc. but offers higher speeds. Our Tri-band routers give you an extra 5 GHz band on top.
When the router powers up it will automatically scan the area for interference and decide which frequency and channel to broadcast the signal on, giving you the strongest possible connection. 
Over time the amount of interference on a particular channel may change, or you may want to move one of your Linksys Velop Mesh routers. In this case, we suggest restarting all your routers from the switch underneath or the plug socket to trigger the scanning process again.

More speed means you can connect more devices at the same time without compromising quality. 
1 Gbps is equal to 1,000 Mbps. That’s 20x faster than 50 Mbps, and therefore has much more speed to share across multiple users.
A higher speed connection will naturally give you a faster WiFi connection. However, top WiFi speeds are dependent on and can be affected by many things. The age of your device and the technology it utilises, where your router is positioned, interference from thick walls or other technology in your home etc. 
For example, an 8-year-old Playstation 4 can reach WiFi speeds up to 450 Mbps. Whereas its’ 1-year-old upgrade, Playstation 5 utilises WiFi 6 which has the ability to utilise theoretical speeds up to 1.2 Gbps on 5 GHz WiFi, though many factors will affect your actual top speeds.
(Playstation 5 WiFi compatible speeds on 5 GHz, source androidcentral.com July 2021).

Broadband bandwidth is the amount of data transfer your devices have access to. As you connect more devices, that amount is divided between them. Therefore, more bandwidth enables more data to be transmitted and shared between all your wired (Ethernet) and WiFi devices. 
This results in faster speeds and better reliability as you perform all your internet activities. So, you can connect more devices at the same time without sacrificing quality.
Increased bandwidth is essential for large households with many devices, gamers looking for low latency and high ping rates, and people working or studying from home.


If speed is your top priority, always connect your device directly to the router with an Ethernet cable. If you prefer the convenience of WiFi, make sure to consider where you position your router:

  • Keep your router in an open, central location, ideally high off the floor - a shelf, desk or table will work well. 
  • Avoid using a window shelf so that you’re not ‘wasting’ signal by broadcasting to the outside. 
  • It will be harder for your signal to penetrate thicker brick walls so keep this in mind. 
  • Try to avoid placing it near devices around your home that emit interference like microwave ovens, wireless speakers, baby monitors etc. 
  • Bodies of fluids like water are also good at blocking WiFi signals, so keep your router away from the fish tank.


For even better coverage, you can add our guaranteed WiFi in Every Room service. We expand your WiFi network with intelligent Mesh technology to deliver the incredible speed and reliability of our 100% full fibre-fuelled WiFi in up to five bedrooms and 12 rooms in total, across a maximum of three floors. 


Our service will aim to deliver the speed ranges advertised with our standard broadband packages and our guarantee pays out if we fail to deliver a minimum baseline WiFi speed of 10 Mbps in every room. 


If not - we’ll give you three months’ free broadband. T&Cs apply.   


Please note: If you already have additional routers around your home and one is moved to a new location, you will need to reset the router. This will restart the scanning process and optimise your signal for the new location. 

If you want to go even faster, more speed is just a short call away. You can upgrade to speeds up to 3,000 Mbps at any point in your contract.