Get more router, for less money

Some providers give you a cheap router that will never achieve the speeds or reliability you’re paying for. We like to do things differently. We give you a high-quality, Dual or Tri-Band Mesh router. 

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How it works

WiFi signals are affected by lots of things, like walls and electrical equipment. However, we supply Linksys Velop Mesh routers with Intelligent Mesh™ technology with all our packages. They’re one of the best routers on the market, designed to create a flawless, full-strength WiFi experience. 

Most providers offer WiFi extenders to boost your bad WiFi signal that may require you to manually switch between signals as you move around your home. The Linksys’ Intelligent Mesh™ Technology learns from you, focusing the WiFi signal strength to your location in your home. If you have our WiFi in Every Room service, your additional routers will seamlessly switch from one to the other, giving you the best possible WiFi at all times. 

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Intelligent technology

  • Better speed - our Velop Mesh routers can handle the same download and upload wired speeds, up to 3,000 Mbps (up to 800 Mbps over WiFi). That’s up to 43x faster than the UK average download speed.* 
  • Better WiFi - with 6 internal antennas and high-powered amplifiers, our technically advanced routers assure you the best possible signal in your home. 
  • Stylish design - specially designed to look great in any location around your home, the sleek lines and finish mean you don't have to hide your router behind the TV anymore! 
  • Dual or Tri-Band - unlike cheaper routers, our Velop Dual and Tri-Band Intelligent Mesh routers use two or three channels to ensure maximum coverage speed. 

* UK average download and upload speeds are 69.4 Mbps and 18.4 Mbps, respectively. Source: Ofcom - UK Home Broadband Performance, download average based on median. Published September 2023.

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You’re in safe hands

  • Expert touch - our expert engineers know how to get the very best out of our intelligent routers and will set it up to make sure you get the best possible WiFi coverage and speeds from your 100% full fibre broadband. 
  • Linksys app - monitor and manage your home WiFi remotely with the smartphone Linksys app. Set parental controls, provide separate guest access and share the login details at the press of a button - or prioritise devices that will need more speed at different times.