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Bye bye buffering

Ever watched a movie and it froze in the middle? Or waited hours for the latest game patch to download before you could play the next level? Or been on a fuzzy video call at Christmas with relatives overseas and given up? That's your broadband connection struggling to cope. Community Fibre can help.


We’re Gigafast!

  • Most of our competitors measure their broadband in Megabits, but our Gigafast and 3 Gigafast packages are so fast they are measured in Gigabits per second!
  • Our packages start at 50 Mbps and go up to 3 Gbps (3,000 Mbps)!

Say goodbye to limits

  • Household data use is doubling every two years as we use more smart TVs, voice-assistants, tablets, smartphones, PCs and connected devices.
  • The speed of our network means that you can stream, surf and browse as much as you want.

Household harmony

Shopping, browsing, streaming, e-learning, Skyping, working from home, gaming, Instagramming - every device connected to your broadband is using bandwidth, and at peak times like evenings and weekends that can be a problem. But with our 100% full-fibre network you can do it all.

Find harmony with broadband that’s fast enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

Find harmony with broadband that’s fast enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

Sports streaming
Never miss a moment. Enjoy sport in eye-popping 4K/UHD with no buffering, freezing or interruptions.
Box-set bingeing
Planning to binge your favourite show this weekend? Enjoy 4K HD streaming without buffering or interruptions, even with other people using the internet.
A 150 GB patch that takes over 8 hours to download on 38 Mbps broadband, takes just 22 minutes on our Gigafast package (1 Gbps)!

BONUS features on all of our broadband packages

Unlimited data
Fully symmetric upload / download
No line rental
FREE installation & setup
FREE MESH WiFi router
Fixed Price Contract

Find the speed & price that fits you

Get London's fastest full fibre Broadband - rated #1 Internet Provider on Trustpilot
*Theoretical measures: rely on the path through the internet to the server and the server itself, being capable of supporting these speeds
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