Best to have a MESH WiFi router, but even better to have it for FREE

Best to have a MESH WiFi router, but even better to have it for FREE

Date: 25/06/21

Author: Anthony Harrison

What is a FREE Mesh router? Good question. Let’s explore what a Mesh router is. 

Check your postcode here if you are eligible for a FREE MESH WiFi router.

At Community Fibre, we look after our customers. 

We provide a FREE Tri-band Mesh WiFi router to every Ultrafast and Hyperfast customer and two FREE Tri-band Mesh WiFi routers for Gigafast customers. 

Many broadband providers offer WiFi extenders to boost a poor WiFi signal. Unfortunately these devices chew up bandwidth and therefore speed. Plus, you have to manually switch between them every time you move around your home, which isn’t very helpful!  Our

Mesh WiFi routers let you interlink two or more routers that work seamlessly to improve the WiFi performance and coverage throughout your home without having to manually do anything (isn’t that amazing!) 

You have one network, one password, and your devices switch seamlessly from one to the other as you move to give you the best possible WiFi at all times. 

Seamless WiFi coverage. That’s what we give you. 

If you want even better WiFi coverage you can easily expand your network with more Linksys Velop routers for an additional £3/month per router. 

Check your postcode here to see if you can claim a FREE mesh router. 



In simple terms, it means you will get better speed, better WiFi, a stylish design and tri-band (which means our router uses THREE channels to ensure maximum coverage speed). 

There’s more! 

You will have full access to the Linksys app on your smartphone to monitor and manage your home WiFi remotely – you can set Parental Controls, provide a separate Guest Access, share the login details at the press of a button and you’ll be able to prioritise devices that need the most speed at different times. Wow. 

Hurry up and “check availability” with your postcode to see if you can claim a FREE Mesh router.