Look At What Everyone Is Doing When They Are Sick of Unreliable Internet

Look At What Everyone Is Doing When They Are Sick of Unreliable Internet

Date: 07/05/21

Author: Anthony Harrison

Super-fast broadband is being increasingly viewed as an essential utility, rather than a luxury. Streaming services, online banking, social media applications and the global shift to remote working are all placing enormous pressures on the UK broadband infrastructure. 

Everyone has a story about an unreliable broadband connection that stops them from doing what they want to do online. UK consumers are getting sick and tired of slow and intermittent broadband, and are turning towards dedicated, direct-to-the-home which means full fibre broadband to end their connection woes.

Check your postcode here if you are eligible for London’s 100% full fibre broadband.

What Is Full Fibre Broadband? 

Full fibre broadband is the future of residential Internet connectivity. The broadband signal leaves the local telephone exchange via a fibre optic cable. Instead of stopping at a roadside cabinet and transferring to old copper-based telephone lines, the fibreoptic cable is installed directly into the customer’s property, providing a dedicated connection that is the fastest and most reliable residential service anywhere in the UK capital. 

How To Choose A Full Fibre Broadband Provider 

Choosing a full fibre broadband provider isn’t as simple as Googling a service and picking the first company that pops up on your screen. There are a few questions to ask before signing a contract with any prospective provider: 

1. Is it a 100% full fibre connection?

The phrase ‘fibre broadband’ is sometimes used by companies to describe services that terminate the fibreoptic connection at street level, before transferring onto copper lines. You need to ensure that the fibreoptics cable runs directly into your home. This is ‘full fibre’ broadband. 

2. What is their uptime percentage? 

Network uptime is measured as a percentage. Unless it’s in the high-90’s, then don’t bother. 

3. Can they offer you symmetrical upload and download? 

Most of broadband providers only advertise their download speed and provide a very low upload speed, which is important for online activities such as gaming and, live streaming and video calling. 

4. What are the setup costs? 

Make sure that any setup costs are conveyed upfront and reflect the amount of work required. Most companies won’t charge you, so it’s best to opt for contracts that include free installations.  

5. Are any data caps imposed? 

You need to make sure that there won’t be any monthly data caps imposed which carry additional charges. Those kinds of contracts are a thing of the past. 


Check your postcode here if you are eligible for London’s 100% full fibre broadband.

Who Are Community Fibre? 

Community Fibre is London’s fastest 100% full fibre broadband provider and the #1 internet provider on Trustpilot. We exclusively serve those who live across the capital and believe in a more digitally inclusive future where everyone has access to better broadband.  

Our full fibreoptic service currently reaches over 200,000 households in London, and we’re expanding. We can offer speeds that are 46 times faster than the London household average (Ofcom Communications Market Report, 2020). 

 All of our fixed price contracts include the following bonus features: 

  • Unlimited data 
  • Speeds up to 1 Gbps 
  • 99.99% uptime 
  • Fully symmetric upload and download 
  • No line rental 
  • Free installation, and setup within a week
  • Free mesh WiFi system 
  • Fixed price contracts 

     As a welcome bonus, we’re offering 1 year’s free Amazon Prime free membership with every new 12-month contract, that includes TV and broadband. 

     We’re on a mission to ensure that no household in London is left behind, especially throughout deprived areas or social housing developments. Take a look at our blog to find out more about how we’re giving back to the communities we service – https://communityfibre.co.uk/communityconnectblog. 

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