Your Neighbour Will Be Jealous of Your Broadband

Your Neighbour Will Be Jealous of Your Broadband

Date: 07/05/21

Author: Anthony Harrison

No need to hotspot from your neighbour’s Wi-Fi anymore because they’re going to be jealous of how FAST your broadband is!

Check your postcode here if you are eligible for London’s 100% full fibre broadband. 

The past year has reframed our working environment and taught us a lot about remote working and communication. Little did we know that we would have to be SO reliant on internet speed and connection.

It’s even reached the point where the top of our priority list when looking for a new place to live is “what’s the Wi-Fi speed?” instead of the old school questions “how far away from the station is it?” Quite frankly, we don’t even care if we’re far away from a tube station now because we’re all working from home, so high internet speed is definitely essential.

Our days and evenings are now spent mostly online, from working and having zoom calls (a bit too zoomed out though), to exercise classes and even meeting friends on a video call. Luckily, some of us Londoners have access to Community Fibre broadband.

We are a London-based broadband company offering London’s fastest 100% full fibre broadband with speeds up to 3Gbps! We lead the way in bringing faster broadband at a fairer price to more Londoners and we build, own and operate our own dedicated full fibre network. 


Check your postcode here if you are eligible for London’s 100% full fibre broadband. 

What is full fibre? 

A full fibre network means running fibre optic cables all the way into the home (FTTH) for maximum speed, reliability and efficiency, which means you will benefit from the most advanced broadband technology. 

Most broadband providers still use fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) – a combination of fibre optic cables and the old copper phone wires, meaning a slower internet connection (boo!)  

The benefits of full fibre means no more buffering and no need to hotspot from your mobile internet or from your neighbour *facepalm*. 

Our 100% full fibre broadband gives you unlimited data for all your Twitch-ing and YouTube-ing, symmetrical upload and download speeds, no line rental (phone lines are so old school), FREE installation & setup, FREE Mesh Wi-Fi router and a fixed price contract (which means no sneaky increases). *OK breathe*.  

If that still isn’t enough, we are also the #1 Internet Provider on Trustpilot with excellent 5* reviews (I mean come oooon!)  

Now type your postcode to check if you are eligible for London’s fastest full fibre broadband and make those neighbours jealous!