How we install full fibre broadband to your building

Your tenant’s journey to better broadband starts here. Here’s what to expect when our engineers come to install new broadband to your building.

Why our broadband is the best your tenants can get?

Unlike most providers we build and operate our own dedicated fibre optic network using the most advanced technology available. Our full fibre broadband is delivered directly into your properties using only 100 % fibre optic cables.

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IJM Land

“We worked with Community Fibre on the delivery of a major new development in central London. It made a real difference to us as a developer, and uninterrupted broadband services to our residents and by working with Community Fibre we achieved that”.

A Wayleave is an agreement between the freeholder and a supplier, in this case Community Fibre. This gives the supplier the right to access the property and carry out pre agreed works to install the supplier's infrastructure. The Wayleave also allows the supplier to maintain the infrastructure under prior notice to the freeholder. We use the City of London Wayleave template with two added clauses to further protect the freeholder. You can find an example here.

Yes, a site survey needs to be carried out and signed off by the freeholder before any work takes place. Our site survey is non-intrusive where one of our Project Managers will attend site and evaluate the property. This will entail a walk around the property and visiting common areas to assess the best route to install the infrastructure. A full report will be issued with a clear infrastructure installation plan which includes both written and visual representations.

Installation timescales depend on the property size and the complexity of the installation. An approximation is 2 days for 200 units.


Once installed, your tenants can subscribe to our 100% full fibre broadband network on and book their installation online. They can use our handy switching and installation guides to explain the process.

Of course!  We are more than happy to arrange a pre-agreed customer walk around with similar installation requirements. That way you can see the quality of our work first hand. 

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